About MSolar

Our mission is to improve the quality of life through the betterment of the environment and through aiding our partners and clients to take control of their energy needs. With innovative products, we can help the environment while giving control of energy needs to the end user.

MSolar’s main purpose is to bring new ideas to the market that will help people and companies take more control over their energy needs. It is our belief that a significant ingredient to future prosperity will be the ability to independently produce energy.

The formation of MSolar Research Kft. came to fruition through the collaboration of successful businessmen from many different regions globally with countless years of experience. Shareholders include entrepreneurs from Canada, USA, Hungary, Slovenia and Sweden. In contrast to the industry in general. we are bringing to the market complete solutions. The MSolar units are plug and play systems.

We offer CUSTOM SOLUTIONS / COMPLETE SOLUTIONS taking advantage of clean green energy supplied by both the sun and the wind.