MSolar Off-grid Solutions

Off-grid Simplicity


The MS2 gives you freedom of off-grid island technology with the benefit of AC on-grid back-up capability.

The MS2 is suitable for regions that do not provide any or stable grid energy.

MS2 is a complete energy solution in one simple portable unit that takes advantage of both solar energy and wind energy.

The MS2 can easily be relocated if necessary/desired, no disassembly required. Simply unplug all external connections and wheel away the MS2.

MSolar Research Ltd. is also able to custom build any size to suit the clients needs.

OFF-GRID Systems:

MSolar Research Ltd. is manufacturing hybrid systems that give the user the freedom of off-grid independent energy while using the AC on-grid network as a back-up. These hybrid systems are built to suit the needs of the individual client, be it a residential or commercial application.

With the flexibility that our systems offer, we are able to satisfy the needs of many different types of applications. Completed projects ranging from secluded mountain retreats to river cruise ships confirm the versatility of these systems.

Examples of possible configurations:

MS2 Model Power Storage PV panels Wind Turbine
3K 3kW 7.2kWh 2kWp 600W
5K 5kW 10.8kWh 3kWp 1000W
8K 8kW 14.4kWh 5kWp 1500W
10K 10kW 14.4kWh 6kWp 3000W
15K 15kW 50kWh 15kWp --
20K 20kW 70kWh 20kWp --

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