About MSolar

Our mission is to improve the quality of life through the betterment of the environment and through aiding our partners and clients to take control of their energy needs. With innovative products, we can help the environment while giving control of energy needs to the end user.

MSolar’s main purpose is to bring new ideas to the market that will help people and companies take more control over their energy needs. It is our belief that a significant ingredient to future prosperity will be the ability to independently produce energy.

The formation of MSolar Research Kft. came to fruition through the collaboration of successful businessmen from many different regions globally with countless years of experience. Shareholders include entrepreneurs from Canada, USA, Hungary, Slovenia and Sweden. In contrast to the industry in general. we are bringing to the market complete solutions. The MSolar units are plug and play systems.

We offer CUSTOM SOLUTIONS / COMPLETE SOLUTIONS taking advantage of clean green energy supplied by both the sun and the wind.


MSolar equipment can benefit both private and commercial projects. Whether it is for private homes, commercial buildings, farms, boats, etc. we help build systems for the specific needs of our clients. Our clients are generally people and businesses that are conscious of utilising clean energy (lower carbon footprint), becoming more energy efficient and more energy independent. Energy independence will become of utmost importance in the near future.

The MSolar System is suitable for many applications. For example: Our systems can be used in stabilising poor grid power, eliminating black-outs, bringing power to isolated areas, becoming more independent in production of one’s energy needs, and reducing one’s carbon footprint.

One such application, for example, is our system placed in a home located in a mountainous region where the grid connection is very weak. The grid connection is only a single phase 16A connection, this is far too weak to power a home properly. In implementing our hybrid system at this location, we enabled a full 10kW independent power station that uses both wind and sun to power the home and charge the 20 kWh battery. In the case that the sun and wind energy will not be enough to power the home, our system uses the grid-power as a back-up. In other words, if the battery storage is depleted and there is no power production from either the wind turbines or PV solar panels, our system automatically uses the grid connection to charge the batteries and also to power the home. The key point in using the back-up is that the power sent to the home is always through our system so that the 10kW power is retained.

Another such application is the converting of dirty energy to clean energy. By using the MSolar System, our partners in the MENA region are converting dirty diesel generator systems to clean efficient MS1 and MS2 MSolar Systems:

One example is the conversion of a fleet of Riverboat Cruise Ships. These Riverboats are converted from diesel running generators to Solar and Wind powered power stations located inside the hull of the boats. These systems are powering all the electricity needs of the boats, using our 3 phase 10kW, 3 phase 15kW and 3 phase 25kW systems.

Another such project is the conversion of a large 6 MW Poultry Farm from diesel generator power production to clean PV and Wind energy production. Through this conversion, our client is improving the air quality in the region significantly, as well as taking control of their energy needs while lowering the long-term costs of operations significantly.